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About Us

In The Early Days

Dmitry Segal, the founding member of Innercity Roofering, spent four years as a contractor for another roofing company in Philadelphia, PA. During that time, his work became more of a passion than a job. He moved with his family to Holland, PA, to start a new life in a small town. Although the roofing industry felt like home for his vast experience as a roofer, he was concerned about how his company interacted with customers. Dmitry preferred to have customer interactions that led to personal relationships between his roofing specialist services and local homeowners in Holland. 

He gathered old friends and started his own roofing company to achieve this goal. Though Dmitry and his partner Kirk began a small and humble company, they are now expanding and want to take the business throughout various cities across the USA. It has been nearly 26 years since he started out from his house garage in Holland. 

Whenever Dmitry interacts with his customers, he strives to deliver a personal touch. Everyone knows him by his first name in Holland, PA. To him, these personal relationships are crucial to the success of his business. Dmitry founded Innercity Roofing in 1997 with the premise that every customer he had was like a family member. 

From the beginning, he treated his customers with respect and compassion.

As a company owner, he takes pride in all aspects of his company. It’s easier to find someone with a better work ethic than he does. His promise to leave every customer satisfied after completing the job exceeds it. Through his efforts, Dmitry’s Roofing has succeeded due to his love and passion for what he does. He has set a new standard in the roofing industry with his friendly, honest, reliable, quick, efficient, and transparent approach.

Our Roofers

Several of the industry’s most reputable manufacturers have provided us with credentials for our crew’s licensing and insurance. Our workmanship is covered by a 10-year warranty due to our confidence and pride in our work. We are registered craftsmen who use only the best products from brands like TAMKO, GAF, and Malarkey. With our materials, we can provide enhanced warranties to our customers.

Our Team

Each of our roofers goes through a series of interviews to ensure they possess the same professionalism, business etiquette, and passion for helping others. It is Innercity Roofer’s goal to deliver flawless workmanship and superior customer service. Every project we undertake and complete demonstrates our commitment to quality.

Due to our vast experience and commitment to customer satisfaction, we never stop learning about our craft, community, and customers. Throughout the installation process, we follow methods that have stood the test of time. Keeping up with the latest roofing technology, we provide our customers with systems that will last many years.

Who We Are

More than another of many roofing companies

Choosing from various roofing contractors when you need a roofer is possible. What, then, sets Innercity Roofing apart from all the others? The Innercity Roofing Culture.

You may ask, but what is the Innercity Roofing Culture? As human beings, we are shaped by our culture. It encompasses everything we stand for and represents. It is our roofing family. We are indeed a whole bunch of brothers and sisters working together. We may not be blood brothers, but we care for each other as a close-knit family.

Our approach to each other and our clients sets us apart from our competitors. Our work is done conscientiously, and we care for our customers’ property, even if it is a free service.

This is the same culture and ideals that Dmitry and Kirk started as the founding principles when they started Innercity Roofing in 1997 with nothing more than a pickup truck, a hat, and his hammer. Their vision was born.

From this humble beginning and over 25 years to this day, our commitment to quality service, employee development, and customer education has not changed from the day we started.

Why choose us?

Our Mission

Our company aims to provide our customers with an experience that exceeds their expectations. Through every step of the process, we demonstrate value and quality.

We have proudly served the Holland community and its surrounding areas for over 25 years. As roofing professionals, we can install a variety of roof types. Each of our technicians specializes in a particular plan and has an average of 17 years of experience. Due to this experience and strict adherence to manufacturer specifications, we can provide customers with high-quality work.

Providing a great customer experience begins with communication.

Our Mission is to provide our customers with an experience that exceeds their expectations; while demonstrating value and quality throughout the entire process.

For more than 25 years, the original Innercity Roofing Company has proudly served Holland and its surroundings in Pennsylvania.

Whether you own a residential or commercial property, we are professionals installing roofing systems. We have technicians with an average of 17 years of experience specializing in specific roofing systems.

Dedication to Top-Notch Customer Service

Our decades of expertise in the roofing industry have shown us that, while many specialists are capable of installing and repairing roofs, customer service is a skill that is frequently disregarded. We know the importance of treating our clients with the highest level of respect.

Final Words

Combined with our strict adherence to current national building codes and manufacturer specifications, this experience ensures the quality of the work we perform for our customers.

We review the work after it has been completed by our quality assurance team. We aim to ensure that the job meets our high standards and then provide the customer with a final report and before and after images.